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Released May 06, 2003

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Comments (33)

  • v as in vrabo said:
    fall out boy's evening night out with your gf is a close second. Take this to your grave has calm before the storm with a growling climax. this is definitely their best. Jun 28
  • AnaNicole said:
    Tell Mick He's Made My List Of Things To Do Today should be on here. Mar 31
  • Lindsay said:
    awesome album. chicago is so two years ago! Nov 22
  • hiiiiiii said:
    why isnt pros and cons of breathing here? Oct 29
  • blah_5x@yahoo.com said:
    awesome Apr 30
  • blah_5x@yahoo.com said:
    awesome Apr 30
  • kevin said:
    hello, i am peruvian :) i like your musik ,i am not speaked good the english XD bye... good look go peru!!! Jun 18
  • BlueBrilliant said:
    My favorite Fall Out Boy album. I love Grand Theft Autumn and all of the other songs. Nov 15
  • annskie said:
    this is the best album ever.. i love all the song of this album.. Sep 19
  • aarlover812 said:
    i love grand theft autumn! awesome song and awesome cd!! Aug 08
  • b hearts pete said:
    WOW Jun 01
  • hello fall romance XD said:
    ohh boy where is ur boyy... has been stuck in my head for like a week. i luv it. May 21
  • twedledumfungus said:
    i love grand theft autum/ where is your boy... that song is awsome!!! May 11
  • said:
    This album was actually the album that got me into good music. When From Under the Cork Tree came out, I was really dissapointed in it. It made me madder when the worst songs on that album, had music videos. Infinity on High isn\'t as good as Take This To Your Grave, but close...really close. I\'m just waiting to have the \"old\" Fall Out Boy back.... example: screaming. Just don\'t let all of the fame, or the little teenies that want to fuck yall, get to your heads. kthax. =) Apr 26
  • Kristin_marie said:
    Fall out boy is the best band ever! I love you Pete!!!! Apr 20